The Aching of the Heart

Do you ever feel like you are always in the wrong, even though you are very certain that you have committed no crime?

Right now, my heart is aching. With everything going on in the world, I somehow feel like exploding. My anger seems to be slowly filling me up. I don't quite understand why though. It is easy to let go of something you once had. However, what do you do when the thing you let go of returns? Does it mean that you are the rightful owner of that thing? Or is it just a twisted way of life to play with the human mind?

Every day seems to be a constant war with the human mind. Constantly we ask ourselves questions that we cannot seem to acquire an answer to. I wonder sometimes whether luck has run out for someone of us before we even grow up. somehow, we kept on searching for answers everywhere.

Police brutality in Togo

I am not sure if I make any sense right now, but my heart is heavily aching and I cannot seem to control it.

My face is twitched up and my body is noticing the wrinkles on my forehead. My eyes are burning and tears are threatening to rush down my face. My palm has suddenly become hot as sweat fills it the increasing temperature of the device I am holding. I just do not understand why human are so cruel.

Is it okay to treat others like this? Is it a game of power? Why let things get to this extend and do nothing about it?

You call yourself a president and then you let your people suffer no matter how many times they cried out to you. You use the country's resources to build the things you want in other countries and leave your people to dry up. After fifteen years, you are still in power and things never ever see to get better. Every day is the same issue and people starving to death. There is never light to show the way for the people in the dark. You call yourself a president. STOP STEALING THE VOTES!

If you have any idea where this message is going, then maybe, just maybe you too have been keeping tabs on how cruel the world is. You see, this little country called Togo has an estimated population of 8.28 million as recorded in 2020. Known for the hilltop villages and palm-lined beaches, the country borders with Ghana, Benin and Burkina Faso (Not sure of the location, please look on the African map).

For decades, this little country has faced constant civil war leaving many of its people in a constant state of distress and depression. Being control by the colonized country and being forced to only learn about the French revolution, this country seems to never be moving forward. No matter what the people do or where they travel to in order to make their country better, it is always behind. What crime has the citizens of Togo committed to deserve this type of life?

I am so fed up with the regular disappointment. Sometimes, it is a shame that to be called an African when I am faced with the reminder of how corrupt the entire continent of Africa is. Believe me when I say that I Love Being an African. There are so many positivities about the continent and the countries that make it up. From the east to the West, the north to the south, you meet people of all walks of life making you wish to never go back to your homeland. There is harmony in the land of Africa no matter how much difficulty the citizens face on a daily scale. Until today, African remain the most beautiful continent with the oldest and richest histories in the life of humanity. The landscape itself is breathtaking and mesmerizing. Despite all this, African countries suffer the most in the name of colonisation.

Thank God for technology and the internet. Now we can share with the world things that are constantly being swept under the rug to keep the world in a bubble. Over the past couple of years, sharing my family story has become a joy for me. However, it is time that I start sharing stories that really needs to be told. Countries like Togo in west Africa needs help. When I say 'Help', please be informed that I am NOT what so ever regarding our people, women, men and children being used as 'LAB RATS'. I say we need help relating to the political system of the country. We need help to address the exploration taking place in the country and being covered up. We need help in bringing the people and the president to make peace. At this rate in Togo, the future does not quite look good for the next generation and that is a big concern for the current generation. However, it seems like nothing is being done to fix the issues in the long-term.

To African presidents,

We are currently facing a very hard time and we need you to understand that the fear of dying at a young age is really not helping. We need you to understand that we are trying out best to follow the regulations you have set in place to restrain the spread of the current threatening virus COVID-19. However, there is nothing for us to eat if we do not go to the farm or are even allowed to leave our house to go to the supermarket. We cannot starve ourselves to death by being locked up.

Please monitor the soldiers that you have released into the country. They are not humans. They are beating us to death on the roads and the streets. Keep in mind that we are a human being and not animals. We have the same heart as you and the same colour of blood running through our veins. It is inhumane to release soldiers onto our roads and streets with guns constantly being pointed at us. It is frightening to have our gates break down by soldiers to beat us up in our own home without doing anything wrong. Please Stop Them. This is the 'Help' we as citizens need in the countries of the continent Africa. We may appear happy every day, but the constant fear and distress that we are in is one thing that kills us faster than any other disease.

Do Not Use the COVI-19 Case to torment your citizens. It is disgusting to see a fellow human being killed at the hand of another in public with no one being able to do anything about it because of fear.


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