These days, it has come to my knowledge through observation that MEN in general need lots of education about WOMEN.

Men need to learn to understand that women are not their slaves. Especially in this generation, women are the goddess who needs your love and protection. The heart of a women is a treasure gold that you will never find anywhere else.

A women is to be treated with respect and consideration. A women should not be looked at only for the sake of your sexual satisfaction and then toasted aside when you’re done. You think that women are the queen of the household and that the building is their temple, so therefore, that is all they need to look after.

Listen you are wrong. What is it with you guys having trouble with trust?

Think twice before you say the words that are about to drop off your tongues. Yes, it is true that the 'Household' is a woman's kingdom and it is her duty to look after it to the best of her ability. However, that does not exclude your helping hands. A man and woman are made to accompany each other and that means, you as a man must help your woman! If you claim her to be yours and only yours, then you are obligated to also be her back bone. You as a man should not sit and cross your legs to wait for her to attend to all your needs. What about her needs?

You always say it is US, the women. We also say that it is YOU, the men! What world do you think we are living in? The 10th century?

Men, it is time that you wake up and learn something. All women are not the same. Some are very soft with a heart so pure and full of love. They will worry about you first before themselves. To a woman like this, you are her first priority. These type of women are very soft when it comes to loving others. They let everyone in to take what they want and lack the emotions to speak up. They appear to be somewhat stubborn, but gives in really quick.

They do not run away from the difficulties unless you decide to run away instead. These types of women are hard to find. When you manage to get your hands on on

e of them, you'd regret letting them go afterward. After your mischief and controlling, they take back control to their lives and shuts every door possible to not let anyone in. These women are like the soft sand at the beach that turns into stone in their anger to make the ocean roar instead of dancing to the shore.

It is not an understatement. It is your lost when 'YOU' let her go.

Okay. These are the other type of women. They will compete with you in everything that you do. Some will compete and support. Some will only compete and expect you to support them just like many of you men out there. This is what has come to my knowledge through observation. Other women, the minimal will sit and cross their legs expecting you to be the queen of the household. Lastly, there are those other women who only wants to be in control.

However, despite the differences among the existing on women this Earth, all of them have a heart of gold and they will LOVE you till the end of their days. They will appreciate your existence. They will thank you for the good and bad that you have brought into their lives. A women is one of the primary colors of the world that you cannot remake. If you lose her once or twice, then you have forever lost her.


Men are so quick to jump into conclusion and accuse a women of cheating. Men are so fast at letting go of a women once they 'THINK' that they are done with her. Through my observations, most men are pretenders, acting so tough and trying to make everyone think that they are unbreakable. Well 'Mr.' think again. The only tough humans on this earth are women. Yes, they are the ones that goes through the pain of bringing another one of you weaklings into this world. Women owns the WORLD.

Men, don’t lose your trust in a women so easily. Do not seek an explanation for every little thing that may have gone wrong. Do not constantly question her about who she is talking to and what time she will be home whether she is going to work or out for dinner with someone other than you. Do not underestimate the length she would go to just to make you happy.

However, you are quick to think that she will continues to stay no matter how bad you mistreat her. She is a human being with feelings just like you. She also deserves to be respected and TRUSTED. You as a can man make a woman feel unimportant in the eyes of the world. Your word can kill her soul, then prevent her from loving any other ever again.

Trust is a key that shutters many when it is broken.

My advice? When you are about to let go of her. When you think that you do not deserve the way she is treating you or speaking to you. Take a moment of deep breath and think about the way you treated her. Think of the past and the reasons why she may have changed. Men, think about the weight of the reason you ‘THINK’ she has broken your trust. Is the reason big enough for you to let go of her? Just take a moment to wonder whether your only reason is enough to justifies the why you are ‘WALKING’ away from what both of you had.

Trust does not come by easily.

Trust takes time to build. Trust can be broken easily. Is it worth it to walk out?

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