Excuse me... Who do you think you are?

Dear 'WHITE' Presidents.

I apologise if I offende you. I am the voice you have been seeking and finally decided to break my leash.

I am so pissed off! We are very very piss off! Right now, it does not matter what good you did for us. The only think playing over and over again at the front our brains are the things tghat WHITE predetors are capable of. For many many years, you have had the upper hand. You have been in control of everything and anything. Making us the 'LAB RATS!'

Have you not had enough? Are you not ashamed of yourself? Do you not have any human dencity?

Unhappy, I am so done with being the good one constantly listening to your bullshits and putting up with everything that you have stolen, then tries to offer it to me in a corner at a very expensive price. We are not blind anymore and wait until the time comes, because we will soon take back everything that belongs to us. That is our life! Our RIGHT to basic living and Peace! I am not sure you understand the word harmonious, but I heard you use it so many time, until you dropped the bomb, illustrating that the space on the planet Earth isn't big enough for both of us. This is not a debate. It is not up for a consideration. This is a decison your sick mind woke up one morning and put into action.

Us African, the entire continent is saying "NO" to your idea to use us as LAB RATS! Enough is ENOUGH! Let us live our lives the way we want and die at our old ages. Because of 'White' colonisation and 'White' experiments, us Africans have limited life expantency. I am sure that you will not agree to this, like usual.

How did my ancesters sit back and watch you carry out all your criminal acts? Oh wait! They didn't. As a murderer, you decided to just shoot them on the spot, so there will be no story to tell.

Listen. We always wonder why there are so many different colour in the world and some of us never really understand the root of it. Don't get me wrong. I do love your constantly colour changing skin, from cream to blue in the cold, green or mold when bruised, red or pink when shy or too hot, but if I may say, it is a skin with lots of hardwork to take care of. I do not wish to have it. I'm sorry, no matter how much I admire you, as soon as you claim to be 'WHITE' and start changing colour. Yo! My concious minds starts having doubts and arguementive thoughts about your existance, but there is nothing I could do about it. No matter the trouble though, I accept you with all my heart, because as the bible says, "Love thy neighbour as thy love themselves." That is what I live by.

Howver, right now, I am not one bit happy with knowing what the 'white' precedous has done to my race. You have created products that can kill people. You have committed GENOCIDE on many occasions and facefully deny every second of it. In fact, 'YOU' claimed to have save humanity on many occasions. Now let me tell you that you HAVE NOT!

I am only starting to spesak my mind...... so please dont't stop reading.

Right now, I afraid of my life. The life of my loved ones and the wolrd I so much claim to LOVE. Why? Due to your sick minded decisions, many or us have to be afriad of the person standning next to us in a line, front or back. YES! You are truly now controlling the whole EARTH by unleashing the so called CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) into the world. I am not sure if I believe that the human killing disease started up in any animal, but in fact was released by a bloody cold hearted murderous human being. All this for what? To reduce the number of humanity. Who tgold you that the EARTH is full/ wher in the world did you get the idea that there are NO SPACE left for anymore lives? Are you crazy?

I dont blame you to be honest. A person as selfish as you can ojly think about themselves and at this point, I am not sure if there anymore sympathy sense left in your soul. My words are not going to hurt. I am not going to go out on the street to commit any crimes either, because I am a HUMAN. Your will not want to physically get your hands dirty, but I kniow that your hands are staion with the blood of many lives even though you made someone else complete your dirty work. after these couple of months, my mind is gpoing crazy. At some point, I was even certain that my imagination is starting to play tricks on me. You know why?? COVID-19. I am not the only one weeling this way right now. There are thousands and millions of me. We are speaking, but somehow, our voice kept being shutered by the those who claims to be in control and it is very tiring! We had enough.

The update on the 5th of April 2020 indicated that the TOTAL confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa as a whole CONTINENT is 8,701. Yes, that is a big number. we should be scared and WE ARE. Anyhow, that is not an invitation sent to you to to come and make us your Lab Rats! France, pardon, my rage, but if you are reading this, Please Go to HELL. Havign the second best medical research facility in the world does not give you the consent to experiment on my people. I mean on Black people! Seriously! Just because your entire family is white and you as the president hold the title of leading a country doies not give you the permision to allow your people onto our land and WIPOE OUT an entire RACE.

Are you out of your mind??? What do you think this is?!

I am not sure if you would be able to imagine how my body is reacting to the disgusting messages that has been plastered all over the internet. The media constantly pointing finger at black people that their lives have no meaning in this world. this is world RACISM. A statement indicating that more CRIMES will be committed against BLACK PEOPLE and NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO STOP IT. I refuse to accepte the twitter report you put out immediately to defende you live media spoken words. It is disgusting and uterly unacceptable.

What have we ever done to you? Why are you constantly pastering us? We do not use you 'White people' the same way, so why is it okay for you to get away with killing us?

First, you have publicly stated that you will be testing your unaproved vaccine on black people, because that was the same thing you did during the time of the HIV Virus. Wake up Africans! Lets work together to stop this viccine being tested on our people on our precious land. This Vaccine is only going to KILL us!

France or any other country doing research for the Vaccine, please test the result on the people in your country. Black people ARE NOT immune to COVID-19. However, we will not be your lab rats this time or EVER again. Please. Back off now!

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